We have designed and planned celebrations of all different shapes, styles, and colors, but one thing that never waivers amongst all of them is that every last detail matters.
Your wedding is so much more than one day. It is a celebration. A time honored and cherished celebration that will be remembered for years to come. It is the beginning of something fresh, new, and elegantly exciting. In that day, your guests will forget some things, but they will never forget the experience you are giving them...the feeling they will have. Every touchpoint of your wedding serves a purpose, and simply put, makes people feel special. Every piece of the puzzle that we curate together will serve a purpose, not of perfection, but of serving those you love, well. We are here to make you, your family and your guests feel honored and celebrated on one of the biggest days of your life.

"Elegance is the only beauty that never fades."


We'll never get tired of:

Timeless Heirloom Details

Whether passed down from generations before or the start of something new, we love details that will withstand the test of time.

Our dream clients:

Practically Radiate Joy

When two people really love to be together, it shows. And we love it. 


Revealing Your Reception Space

We work together for so long perfecting every detail of your reception. I love taking a few quiet moments before the chaos of the night to reveal the space to you, allowing you to soak it all in!

Full Service Wedding Planning & Design


Sometimes you just don't have the time to give your wedding the 110% attention that it needs, and other times you just really need help getting from engagement to I Do while maintaining composure. We want you to enjoy your engagement, not stress about details and planning, therefore we will do the work for you to make your wedding dreams a reality!

Throughout the process of working together we will work on your budget, secure your vendors, review your contracts, send, receive, and track your RSVP's and so so so much more. We will be constantly working on your wedding day to ensure that no detail goes untouched and you are on schedule, on budget, and on task with your dream day. 


Full-service clients begin working with us 18-24 months prior to their wedding.





Wedding Management


Management services are for couples who have everything selected and planned out, but want to sit back and enjoy the whirlwind of your event. After all it does fly by in front of your eyes.

With our management services we begin working together 3 month before your event to ensure that every T is crossed and every I is dotted. We will accompany you to your final walk through of your venue, and ensure that everything is order. When the day of your event arrives, we will make sure that the timeline is respected, vendors are on time, and every detail of your day comes together seamlessly.


In-House Floral Design


Floral design plays a key role in your overall event design and feel. Bringing your vision to life is the sweetest part of our job. We love to see everything come together on one sweet day that represents you as a couple to tell your story.

By offering floral design services to our couples, we are able to best meld together all facets of your wedding. Every piece of your wedding will be tied together allowing the aesthetic to flow together seamlessly. Whether you are looking for floral design services paired with our planning services that are wrapped up with a pretty bow, or floral design as a stand alone service, we would love to work with you.




We love late nights, real laughs, genuine love, fresh air, and the kind of dream clients way ahead of us when it comes to going on an adventure. 

Our design work has graced the pages of many beautiful publications such as..

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the knot

rocky mountain bride

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and more...

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Kind Words

Our couples have the sweetest things to say...

 From the start, she was prompt with answering questions and keeping our planning schedule on track; organized when keeping track of vendor contacts, budgets, and payments; and made numerous trips out to our venue to do walk throughs! At first we thought that we would just hire a "day of" coordinator, but we are so happy we decided to utilize her from beginning to end. She really understood what we did and didn't want, and had communicated with all vendors prior to the wedding day, so everything ran smoothly! 

" Jordan not only delivered everything she promised (and more!), but she became a friend throughout the process."

Meredith & Devon



See Their Love Story

 Our wedding planners and whole vendor staff were amazing. I would recommend Ever After Planning to everyone planning a wedding! We can't thank this team of beautiful girls enough for all the time and effort they put in to make our day perfect.

"She was a constant source of reinforcement and calm."

Brittlyn & Brandon



See Their Love Story

We hired our wedding planner about 3 months out and it was by far the best thing we did. I truly don’t know what I was thinking not hiring one! But specifically you should hire ours Jordan Williams from Ever After Planning. She had so much advice for us, gave us ideas we never thought of, and executed things perfectly. We are truly thankful for all their hard work and dedication to our wedding and KNOW that it would not have turned out if it wasn’t for them!

" Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding an absolute DREAM!"

Andrea & Derek



See Their Love Story


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Wedding Style

A. I Love Lucy
B. Grey’s Anatomy
C. The Crown
D. Gossip Girl
E. Game Of Thrones

Pick A Show To Netflix Binge:


A. Frank Sinatra
B. Gregory Alan Isakov
C. Classical Music
D. Justin Timberlake
E. Luke Bryan
F. Jack Johnson

Pick An Artist To Jam To On Spotify:


A. Steak and a Baked Potato
B. Charcuterie Board
C. Caviar and Champagne
D. Lobster (Surf & Turf!)
E. A Locally Sourced Farm To Table Meal
F. Shrimp Tacos

Ideal Meal To Serve At Your Wedding:


A. Vintage Getaway Car
B. Ferris wheel!
C. More Champagne!
D. Monogrammed Napkins For Guests
E. Extra Flowers
F. Plane Tickets

You Just Won $1,000 To Spend On Your Wedding, You’ll Put It Towards…


A. Any Road Trip
B. Somewhere Secluded and Unplugged
C. Paris
D. Martha’s Vineyard, or anywhere to sail away!
E. Camping
F. The Beach!

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Let's Plan That Vintage Love Affair!

Mostly A's? Your Wedding Style Is Most Likely..


Every day is throwback Thursday for you! You love vintage-inspired details like old-school cars, traditional meals, and, obviously nostalgia-soaked TV shows. Celebrate your appreciation of days gone by at your wedding by serving classic cocktails like Gimlets and Old Fashioneds. Maybe you'll wear your hair in pin curls and throw on a birdcage veil, or perhaps you'll throw in touches like black-and-white photos as table numbers. Either way, your wedding will celebrate the best of the past!


Let's Plan That Whimsical Event

Mostly B's? Your Wedding Style Is Most Likely..


Just because it's your wedding, doesn't mean you should minimize your playful side! You love colors (whether they are bright or dark and moody!) and energetic activities, and your wedding is a great time to share your interests with your guests. Consider serving a cupcake tower as dessert instead of a wedding cake, and choose a color palette filled with bold hues. You'll definitely get a kick out of a photo booth, especially one with costumes, and don't spare details like pinwheels and confetti.


Let's Plan That Black Tie Affair!

Mostly C's? Your Wedding Style Is Most Likely..


Your appreciation for the finer things in life will definitely come into play for your wedding. Black-tie affairs never go out of style, and you will surely feel comfortable among your tuxedo and long gown-clad guests. At a venue like The Plaza Hotel, you'll serve family and friends oysters and caviar, and luxuriate among details like a champagne tower and an eight-piece band. A color palette of black, cream, and muted gold will be the perfect way to infuse your wedding with high-end glamour.


Let's Plan That Gorgeous Event!

Mostly D's? Your Wedding Style Is Most Likely..


You're a sucker for seersucker, as well as plaid, gingham, and every other East Coast pattern. Why not incorporate those into your wedding, as well? Even if you're not getting married in, say, Nantucket, you should still serve up clam chowder, keep your tones to whites and blues, and use mini buoys as escort cards. Nautical and nice is always the way to go if you're a prep at heart.


Let's Plan That Outdoor Affair!

Mostly E's? Your Wedding Style Is Most Likely..


Why bring the outdoors in when you can just be outdoors? You live for hikes, camping trips, fuzzy animals, and have a laid-back approach toward life. Your wedding can be just as breezy, with earthy tones, blooming flowers, and an all-outside venue. Wear a long, flowy bohemian gown and top your hairstyle with a flower crown as you walk down a ceremony aisle in the woods. Incorporate tree bark into all of your paper goods, and serve up some farm-to-table goodness that your guests will happily devour.


Let's Plan That Wheels Up Adventure!

Mostly F's? Your Wedding Style Is Most Likely..


You live for travel, so why not make your wedding another fabulous trip? Hitting the beach, exploring new cities, and trying new foods are among your favorite activities. When you get married, you'll probably fly guests out to a romantic beach, where you'll say "I Do" in a short wedding dress, pass out tequila shots after your vows, and perhaps have a local band play throughout the reception. Serve up exotic cuisine for your meal and don't skimp on colors that reflect a gorgeous beach sunset.

A wedding style after my personal heart!

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