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How I Work From Home With {2} Kids!

Feb 28, 2017

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events | How I work From Home With 2 KidsI get asked all of the time how I work from home with two kids. I figured it was best to take it to the blog and tell you all about it! To help you best understand our situation, here is a bit of our story!
Meet my two littles, Bella and Dayton. Bella, for the most part, is home with me. She attends a private pre-school for 3 year olds Tuesday and Thursday morning from 7:30 – 10:45 to help her get acclimated for next year when she will attend pre-school Monday-Friday. My son, Dayton, attends the same school as Bella, but he is in 1st grade and goes from 7:30 – 2:30. Beginning to see how hectic our day can get? And we haven’t even grazed the surface. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 5:30 – 6:30 Dayton takes a Tai Kwon Do class here in town, as well as on Saturday mornings occasionally from 10:30-11:30. Bella takes a dance class Thursday afternoons from 3:30 – 4:15. Toss in there that my husband, Sean, is also a small business owner, and you have a full plate.

First things first, give yourself grace. A lot of it.

It is not always easy. There are days when I have to go with an uneven flow and take what I can get. My daughter is home with me almost all of the time, so she see’s a lot of mommy working.
Do not ever, for a moment, feel bad about working in front of your children. You are doing what you do, to better them and support them. They absolutely should see that, they should have tangible proof that mom and dad hustle hard. My kids see the late nights, the early mornings, the absent Saturdays. They are better for it. Becuase of this, they know that we work hard to give them the life they have.
This concept of grace means being okay with a little bit more Netflix that you would like, a happy meal or two, and a little bribery (okay.. a lot of bribery).

Create your schedule for the week

This one is huge. Pick a day, I choose Sunday nights, to block out the things you know aren’t changing. For me, that is school pick up and drop off times, extracurriculars, and appointments that clients booked for the week. I then fill my schedule with things that I need to do in appropriate spaces. If I have a phone conference, webinar, phone calls to make, etc I try to put those things on Tuesday and Thursday mornings when both kids are out of the house. I also am usually granted about 30-40 minutes if I am lucky from 1:50 – 2:30 when we go to pick Dayton up from school. Bella, unfortunately, doesn’t take naps much anymore, but if I leave at the right time, she will usually zonk out for that time frame while we sit at the school. I might be the only mom parked in the pickup spots for 45 minutes, but I get stuff done, and that is all that matters.  Things like blogging, client work, emails, etc I can do those while Bella and Dayton are home. Those things don’t mind if I have to take a break to make lunch, prepare a snack, dry some tears, or help them out.

Be Flexible With Your Office

I do quite a bit of my work from either my phone or my laptop. There are a few things that require my iMac, but those things usually wait until after bedtime. This allows me to work from pretty much anywhere, the couch is one of my favorites, because that makes me central to what the kids are doing, and also makes them feel closer to me. We are still together. I tend to occupy Bella with her own “work” and it makes her feel so important. She will color, do “homework”, create wedding invitations, anything to make her feel busy. When she isn’t busy, trouble breaks free.
Don’t think that in reading this that I have these immaculate, perfectly behaved children. I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t tell you that my daughter LOVES trouble. She loves it. She loves to find a moment of time to do something mischevious. So keeping her busy is crucial. Thankfully, my son also loves to tattle on her, so ya know, there’s also that.
There are also times where we get a little bit of cabin fever, and have to get out of the house. The park, McDonalds playland, the local indoor bounce house facility, a friends house, are all places we love to head for Bella to get some time to release some energy, and momma can still nail down any work she needs to do.

Your Office Hours Don’t Have To Be Everyone Else’s Office Hours

I am a beast at productivity at say, 11 o’clock at night, thanks to certain software programs, I can do this. (more to come on this topic later on the blog). This isn’t to say that I am not available at regular business hours for certain matters of business. I still meet with clients, conduct phone calls, etc during a “normal” 9-5 basis. However, sometimes after the kids go to bed, I knock out a very decent amount of work for the next day. I will send emails, work on client projects that need to go out, work on quotes and presentations, all at night. I am a night owl with productivity, and I have no shame in that. If you are the same way, don’t feel bad. If I don’t work at night, my brain doesn’t shut off. Working at night helps me to have a sense of peace with my business. There is such a push in the creative world about setting boundaries with your work hours, and I strongly agree with this. However, your work hours, don’t have to be everyone else’s work hours. As a mom you have to learn to be flexible in all aspects, this is definitely one of them.

Meal Planning + Crockpots = My Best Friends For Life

In an effort to make sure that we don’t live off of take out (which if I am being honest, we order more than I would like) I make sure that I also am planning meals ahead. We don’t like to meal plan for the whole week, because things come up and then I have groceries that go bad because we didn’t use them. I will usually shop for groceries for 2-3 meals to ensure that we have some sense or normalcy and at least eat dinner together. My kids love to help prepare meals, and it makes them so proud to serve what they helped make.

//Pro-Tip : On your busiest days (for us Tuesday’s and Thursday’s) take advantage of your crockpot. There are endless amounts of meals on Pinterest or floating through your Facebook feed. Save them and try them out. Soon we will roll out a pin board of kid tested meals for you busy mommas to try out, and we can’t wait to see what you think!

Don’t forget to set time aside for the kiddos also.

As business owners, we tend to have a brain that is tugged in a million directions. You want to create new things, start a new project, love your clients, do the best you possibly can. In all of that, you are also a momma. Your kiddos need that 100% undivided attention from you. Family time is crucial. So in your weekly schedule, don’t forget to incorporate some of that. We love family movie night, we rent a movie, pop some popcorn {Dayton loves to throw in some M&M’s} and snuggle up on the couch. We also love to just get in the car and drive with no real destination in mind and just explore for the day. These things are important, so don’t forget to put these in there also. For us, Sundays are always sacred to us unless we have a client obligation.

No matter what, know you are doing a great job. You are making it happen. You are raising babies, growing business, and creating a life you can be proud of.

If you need help, advice, someone to bounce ideas or pain points off of. Comment here, reach out to me via email, and let’s  chat.

Photo Credit | Rachael Osborn Photography


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