For starters...These guys right here. They are my favorite things ever. Being a wife + mommy is the most rewarding thing I've ever gotten to do.


However, if we are talking about what I love outside of my family and weddings... 

I adore Grey’s Anatomy. I went to school for 3 years to be an EMT & Paramedic and I fully believe I belong at Grey Sloan Memorial. I have watched the full series more times than I can count, and every time I catch up, I start over again. 

I loved Harry Potter before it was cool. The books, the movies, all of it. In fact, I read books 1-4 in the second grade. While everyone else was reading Junie B Jones, I was dreaming I was a wizard.

I love anything and everything Kate Spade.

I look for any opportunity to be creative. During spring and winter months, when weddings are not in their prime season, I love to work with other creatives to pull together some awesome styled shoots and events.

Playing video games with my husband is my secret pleasure. My husband and I bond over our love of all things Playstation.

I love to Dance. I grew up in the dance studio, and while I don’t get much time lately to take a class, I get to live vicariously through my son and daughter at the studio I grew up in.

Online Shopping, need I say more? Here comes the Type A Personality coming out. I really dislike standing in lines, or finding my way through crowds... online shopping all the way! (plus shipments make every day feel like Christmas!)

Christmas. All things Christmas. I kick the Christmas season off a bit to early, and end it a little later than most. It is my favorite!

Smoothies and Fresh Juices.

Starbucks, because everyone needs Starbucks in their life!

Everything and anything about Target. I could spend days there.