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Filling Our Home With Joy | February

Feb 1, 2018

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events

What if I told you that things aren’t always as they seem?

What if I told you that my Facebook feed does not fully reflect my life, or that those pretty little squares on Instagram aren’t giving you the full story? Would you be surprised? A year or so ago, my husband and I were out for a little “us” time when we ran into an acquaintance. We were greeted with “Well, if it isn’t the happiest couple in the world out for some adult time!” and we looked at each other and laughed. I’m talking full blown belly laughs. I brushed it off and went on with the night but later in the car I couldn’t help but bring it up. I asked Sean where on earth she got that from. Then it hit me. On social media we truly only share the pretty, polished, and happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I share the occasional upset, I vent when I have sick kiddos, and I’m not afraid to post about a terrible customer service experience. What I don’t do though, is post when I yelled at my husband for not doing the dishes. I don’t post about how I had a terrible day as a mom and wound up yelling at the kids or feeding them chips and ice cream that day because I just couldn’t hang anymore. I definitely don’t share about my husband and I fighting, or him getting upset with me when things don’t get done.

In reality though..

Our life is hectic, crazy, a little stressful, but really full of love. When I sit back and think about it, the good really does outweigh the bad. There are more nights than I care to admit where you can catch me stealing one {or both} of my kiddos out of their beds to snuggle with me. I love to snatch my daughter up and kiss her cheeks a million times. Sitting and listening to my son read a book and go on an adventure is music to my ears. My eyes fill with tears every single time I watch my children perform on stage. Oh, and don’t even get me started on how competitive we get on family game night.

Living in a house with 2 business owners is as crazy as it sounds. Last week we were up until 1 AM doing bookkeeping and invoicing. Just this week my husband played the roll of dance mom so that I could finish my to-do list for work. There is more McDonalds consumed in this house than I care to admit. Some nights, I spend more time looking at my computer screen than my husband.

But it is all going to be okay.

Just because I don’t always share about the imperfect or the hard times, doesn’t mean we don’t have them. I truly want you to know that. It also means that I have things in mind I would like to change. I shared earlier this year about my goals for the year, and I gotta be honest, January hasn’t been great. That book I wanted to read? Halfway finished. I didn’t hit the gym once. Nurturing Friendships? Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I saw one of my friends. Giving myself a little grace though. February is going to be different though.

This month I am going to focus on filling the walls of my home with joy and memories. Small changes made on our day to day schedule that bring us joy and content. For example, I personally vow to do 1 load of laundry every other day and put it awayIn order to avoid the current predicament I’m in. All laundry is clean and folded, sitting in baskets in our rooms. Attempting to meal plan more is high on that list. This month I made dinner for my family more that I probably did all of 2017. Guess what? They LOVED it {so did my bank account}. Planning out simple meals that they love brought me joy, while also being healthier. I also want to focus harder on doing the small things every day that bring my children extreme joy.

Ever After Planning Weddings + EventsFebruary is one of my favorite months, and it’s going to be pretty great in 2018.

Maybe it is because of my birthday. Or perhaps because of Valentine’s Day. Regardless, I love it. P.S. see that letterboard? I HAD to have it last year. Blame it on extreme FOMO {thanks Instagram}. I changed the saying on it once after I got it. That thanksgiving sign stayed until this week. My daughter had such fun changing the saying and helping me find the letters I needed. Oh, and my husband got a good chuckle out of seeing what I put on it. That song is a running inside joke in our house, and I sing it to him more times than I care to admit. Who knew something so small could bring joy and conversation?!

Gifting, is my love language. It is no secret. I love surprising people with gifts and this month is no exception, with a twist.

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events

I’m also a sucker for a great sale. I could not resist these sweet Valentine’s chair boxes from Pottery Barn Kids. {Even though Dayton’s came “damaged” with the Mail decal upside down, I think it adds a piece of quirky character}. I can not wait to surprise them with these chair boxes. My plan is to every day write them each a sweet note and put it in their boxes. I also want them to write each notes whenever they think of something sweet. Another goal I had for the month was contentment, so this allows us to focus on our words and thoughts for others over material objects.

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events

Bella and Dayton LOVE to be in the kitchen with me. Mention baking or cooking and they are right there. So for Valentine’s I ordered them each sweet personalized aprons. Bella’s is from Pottery Barn Kids {Hooray for amazing coupons!}. Dayton’s amazing apron is coming from the sweet McKay with Oatmeal and Lace.  She made my aprons for the business, and I love that she created this apron line. I just know that he will love having something it is all his for spending time in the kitchen.

The biggest goal for the month though..

Is to unplug and be more present. This is an ongoing thing I am working on. Working on two businesses in the digital age is rough. Instagram is a huge piece of my business, and almost all of my day-to-day work is digital. I want to work harder at sticking to ending my work day at 4 PM so that when my son is home after school it is all about wrapping up my work while he does homework, and then it is all about family. I want to greet my husband home from work with a hug, kiss, and conversation. Instead of shouting “hey!” from my keyboard. Also sticking to Fridays off is something I want to try to work at. I’m a workaholic at my business, but I want to dedicate Friday’s to the kids. Time at the library with Bella, eating lunch with Dayton at school, baking a sweet treat… these are all things that I want to fill the end of my week with. Especially before the madness of wedding season sets in. During wedding season, Friday evenings are spent at rehearsals, so I want to make sure I am giving them love and attention before I am basically gone until Sunday morning.

Can’t Forget About The Blog…

Last month I surveyed my followers on what they wanted to read more of on the blog. I was surprised to see that you guys want to read about all of it. The weddings, the planning process, personal life, mom life, every single bit. So I am excited to bring you a blog that is focused on weddings and planning as well as lifestyle pieces. Throughout the year I want to bring you more ideas on how I am making small changes to fill our home with joy, as well as many other exciting things. We have SO many beautiful weddings this year and I can not wait to share every single one of them with you.

I appreciate you coming to my little corner of the internet more than you will ever know.

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  1. Rachel Rice

    February 12th, 2018 at 6:43 pm

    OMG one load of laundry put away every other day?!?!?! That’s a lofty goal girl…my goal is to put away the pile that’s been sitting there for the past two weeks AS WELL AS the one in my closet from….maybe a month ago.

    But for real though, I love this post and your honesty about life and the look of perfection we can give on social media. Happy to hear you have some positive, self care things scheduled for yourself. It makes me motivated to do that for myself too!

  2. Gabrielle

    February 13th, 2018 at 1:45 am

    Thank you for sharing Jordan! I don’t think any of us are living it up in real life quite like we are on social media. It’s always good to set goals but it’s ok to miss them here and there and press refresh on the next month. Sounds like you’ll have a lot of great family time in February so enjoy!

  3. Renee

    February 13th, 2018 at 3:26 am

    Love this post so much! SO much of it resonates with me, especially the “looking at the laptop more than my husband”. I’m so guilty of that, I’m literally doing it right now. Here’s to baby steps in 2018!

  4. Lindsay Bishop

    February 15th, 2018 at 4:47 pm

    Love the level of real-ness in this post! It’s not always perfect, but sometimes we forget that it doesn’t HAVE to be perfect. I can’t wait to see more of this from you!

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