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A Few Of Our Favorite Things | Valentine’s Watch Gift

Feb 9, 2018

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events

A Few Of Our Favorite Things,  Valentine’s Edition.. The JORD Wood Watch

If you are anything like me, shopping for a guy is not an easy task, but from what my husband tells me, shopping for girls is worse!! Every year it seems that my husband winds up doing some last minute shopping for whatever he can find. Sound like most guys? Last year, I found the perfect gift for Sean, a sleek and sexy masculine wood watch from JORD. His watch can be found here. It pairs well with most everything he wears, and he constantly gets compliments on it.

Which made me really jealous.

I am very simple with my jewelry. Most days it’s just my wedding ring, and two other small simple rings that I wear. That is always paired with a bar necklace from my wedding. Thats it. I have had a hard time finding things that are versatile with my wardrobe. I decided to get a JORD watch of my own and it goes so perfectly with my day to day style.

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events

His + Hers. My watch, on the left (The Cassia series in Walnut and Rose) Sean’s watch on the right (The Dover series in Ebony and Copper)

While being lightweight and durable, this JORD wood watch is something that would make it the perfect gift. Whether it be a holiday or a wedding day gift. We personally love that the watch truly is a high quality accessory that can not only be treasured for years, but I also see it as an heirloom to be passed down.

Not Just For Holiday Gifting

With a vast array of wood watches from both their men’s and women’s collections, you could easily find the perfect timepiece for a wedding gift. It could be sweetly paired with a note for the morning of the wedding!

Personally, I went with a watch from the Cassia collection because it was different than most watches that I was seeing in the women’s market lately, and I loved that. The rose color also compliments most items in my wardrobe, so I knew that it could be a versatile every day piece for me. I also love the sweet attention to detail. The back of the watch tells you when it was crafted, and that it was made locally in St. Louis! 


I loved this watch so much that I partnered with JORD to do a giveaway! Visit this link to enter your information and get an exclusive discount code! YAY!

Once you head over and get your exclusive giveaway code, come back here and tell me which watch you are swooning over. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Watch Gift Ideas

A Few Of Our Favorite Things

  1. Rachel Rice

    February 12th, 2018 at 6:14 pm

    OH this is so perfect!!! I was just recently thinking how I would love to have a good watch again to accessorize with. Totally entering the giveaway but I might do a little V-Day shopping regardless!

  2. Lindsay Bishop

    February 15th, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    Such a cool and unique watch! I’m the same way, I wear the same jewelry every day. I just feel so much more attached to the sentimental stuff!

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