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A Few Of Our Favorite Things | PacSafe

Jan 24, 2018

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events | Pacsafe

Pacsafe Citysafe Wristlet Wallet + CitySafe CX Backpack

I could go on and on about  these two products from PacSafe, so I will try and keep this short {no promises!}! Last month we went on a trip to the Bahamas, and I figured there was no better time than to give pacsafe products a chance! Between busy airports, international travel, and a need for versatility it was a no brainer. These products offer so many amazing features for day to day travel, city living, international travel and everything in between. In fact, since coming home, the backpack has become my every day bag.

Pacsafe CitySafe CX Backpack

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events | Pacsafe

This bag has seriously changed my life. Whenever I travel I make it a point to try and only take a carry-on and a personal bag because I do not love waiting at the baggage carousels. However, since upgrading to a larger Macbook Pro I was having problems finding a travel bag that was comfortable. I also like to try and fit all of my immediate needs in my personal bag in order to avoid digging through my carryon luggage at the airport. Once I got my laptop in the sleeve inside of the main compartment, I was shocked and relieved at how much space I still had for everything.

The part that most impressed me, however, was the amount of security features on the bag. I seriously wish I had had this bag for Disney trips, walking the Vegas strip, or being in downtown Chicago. Not only is it made of slash proof material, but the zippers all have security features, the straps are enforced, and it has RFIDsafe blocking pockets and materials.

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events | Pacsafe


I was actually comfortable having this bag with me throughout the airport!

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events | Pacsafe

One of my favorite features for travel is that the back has a slot for it to go over your handle of your carryon luggage! Win! This made it so easy to maneuver through the airport, as well as to keep my bags together while we waited for our flights. The bag also fit perfect under the seat in front of me on the plane, so no worries there!

PacSafe Citysafe Wristlet Wallet

While on vacation this wallet turned into my constant accessory. The wrist strap made it perfect for taking to dinner or out for drinks. Bonus, it fits my iPhone 7plus as well as my cards, ID, cash, and a small lipstick.

It is so rare for me to find a wallet that can pack all of that in, so major win-win! Also, this wallet features the RFIDsafe blocking material so I didn’t have to worry at all! The dimensions for the wallet are (H x W x D): 4.7 x 7.7 x 0.8 in / 12 x 19.5 x 2 cm. I found it to be the perfect size for everything I needed.

I never worried about leaving my bag poolside, I just put the straps around the arm of the chair and felt safe with it! Obviously,  I kept an eye on it, but I wasn’t worried about anyone who might have tried anything with how safe the bag was.

You can find the bag here and the wallet here.

If you have this bag, or plan to try it out leave me a comment below! I’d love to hear if you love it as much as I do! They have many other bags and accessories, and I can’t wait to get a bag for Sean to try out for our next trip!

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events | First Look




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