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How To Enhance Your Bridal Details

May 18, 2017

Bridal Details.

We all see them. They are all over those perfectly curated Insta feeds and Pinterest boards that keep us swooning, they adorn our favorite blogs, and they are some of our favorite wedding photos. Bridal details are so important. From your engagement ring and your wedding bands to the gift you give your groom before you see each other at the church. They are all precious details that led you to this very moment. Those details made the lead up to this day what it is.

So how do you make them just a bit more stunning? Friends, it is not hard at all! I am going to give you a few of my favorite tips for enhancing those details so that those detail photos give you all of the heart eyes!

 Buy a pretty hanger for your dress.

This one is overlooked so much. You get lost in the hustle and bustle and forget to purchase a pretty hanger for your wedding gown. So it winds up getting styled on the plastic hanger it came with.

Purchase a ring box that matches your wedding theme + colors.

It may seem silly, but placing your gorgeous rock in a pretty little velvet ring box, just feels so right! When you purchase a box that matches all of your other details, not only are your photos going to look better, but but you now have an heirloom box. Win-win right?

See if you can get your hands on your bouquet early in the day.

Your bouquet is in SO many photos. Why not give it some solo attention? Bouquets are perfect for styling with rings, shoes, other details, and even by itself!

Don’t forget about your shoes!

My wedding shoes are still to this day my favorite wedding day detail. They were everything. I put way more thought into them than I should have, but they made my detail photographs even more precious to me. I break my shoes out for our anniversaries and love to wear them on special date nights.

Ask your calligrapher or stationer to send you a full invitation suite for photos.

Or order an extra suite if you went with a DIY site. Having a full suite of the envelope, invitation, RSVP, place cards, menu, etc really helps to capture the details of the day. The invitation was the first touch point that guests had to your wedding. It set the mood for them. So why not capture that as well?

Keep all of your details in one place the morning of the wedding.

Get a box and put everything in there. Your hair piece, jewelry, rings, invitation suite, all of it. That way when your photographer arrives everything is in one sweet spot waiting to be photographed!

If you are particular, bring a background for details.

If you want to make sure that your details are all on a white background, or styled on your dress, just communicate that to your photographer. While your photographer has the talent and experience to style your details in many different situations, if you want them a certain way, just let them know. Consider bringing along the things you want to style your details with, white posterboards or fabric remnants work very well!

Photo Credits |
The Verdant Photographer
Rachael Osborn Photography
Blue Barn Photography


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