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Why Day Of Coordination Is A Myth

Feb 27, 2017

Confused about the title of this blog? You are probably saying, “But I had a Day of Coordinator!” Why is Day Of Coordination a myth? Well loves, let me tell you a little bit about that! It starts a little something like this….

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events | Why Is Day Of Coordination A Myth?

Congratulations! You’ve said yes to the person you will spend forever with, and now you get to begin planning your dream wedding. You have had everything from your centerpieces to your song list all the way to your veil length decided since you were 6 years old.

That ring was no more than sitting pretty on your finger and you were calling your dream vendors. You know, the ones you stalk on Instagram and long awaited they day you could ask them to join you? You have a handle on this planning thing. There is a space in your house that is newly taken over by wedding planning – binders, spreadsheets, fabric samples, poster board layouts, etc. You have super supportive bridesmaids, and a momma who can’t wait to make this happen. You know you don’t need a full service wedding planner, but you don’t want to worry about details on the day of the wedding. So, you begin to toss around the idea of hiring someone for day of coordination.

We frequently get couples who inquire, and in their first email state they are just looking to hire a day of coordinator. They always come back a little confused and upset when I have to tell them that we don’t offer that. Cue a phone call or an in-person meeting, and about halfway through I see the “A-Ha!” moment. The moment of realization when they listen to exactly what I am saying and realize, Oh, this service really doesn’t exist.

See, the problem is, mainstream wedding media has drilled into your head that this a thing. They have made you feel like no matter what you need to hire someone to manage the day of the wedding.

Stop right there.

You absolutely need someone there they day of the wedding. No, that shouldn’t be your venue coordinator, but more about that here. Your friends and family should be with you. They should be zipping up your dress, perfecting your veil, drinking mimosas and toasting to the future. The services of a planner span much further than being by your side for the full planning journey.

Wedding planners, like us gals here at Ever After Planning, understand that there are different levels of help to be offered. I know that some brides have a better grasp on this whole crazy thing called wedding planning. I also understand that some brides either want nothing to do with it, or have no idea where to start. So whether you need a little or a lot of help, there is a package to fit your needs. Rest assured, however, all of our packages include being there on the wedding day. Let’s dive a little deeper into why “day-of-coordination” doesn’t exist.

“Day Of Coordination” doesn’t allow the time to do the job you need or want.

So many brides contact us and are very adamant that they just want someone there the day of. They don’t need anyone there before hand, because they have a great grasp on everything.
Well dear, let me tell you a little something. If you find someone who agrees to show up on just the day of the wedding, you need to run, and run fast.

There is no way to understand the logistics of a wedding that way.  I have seen professionals who offer Day Of Coordination that aside from the initial consultation, you only see them again on the day of the wedding. They send you a few forms to fill out, ask for your timeline, and thats that.

To provide a true experience, that is a service to you, as well as allow us to do our job as best as possible, we like to start working with you a minimum of 3 months prior to the wedding. This allows us to come in and understand every facet of your event. We want to understand your timeline, know your vendors, and truly know what you want and most importantly, how you want it.

Your vendor team is not going to take a person they have never met or spoken to as seriously as you want.

You have been dealing with your other wedding vendors since the moment you inquired. Countless hours have been spent in person and via email with your florist ironing out details of centerpiece layout, floral decisions, and much more. You dedicated time with your DJ ironing out the song list. That tasting meeting you had with your caterer, that is crucial!

So, when you throw in someone for solely the day of the wedding, that starts telling them things and asking questions, they are immediately going to second guess them. Odds are, they are also going to come find you anyways. This is not because they don’t trust the coordinator, but because they don’t know them, and they don’t want to do something wrong to hurt their relationship with you.

Now. Back it up about 3 months. Your planner has the chance to reach out and make introductions. They have the chance to attend those final meetings with you. This gives them the chance to establish a relationship with your creative team. This makes it so that on the day of the wedding, they are seeking out your planner instead of you or your mom. They are going to take to heart the things that the planner says, and they day will run much smoother.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the company you want to manage your wedding early!

This is another crucial point. Wedding vendors fill their calendars, and they do it fast. Some vendors also only take a certain number of clients per calendar year. Just because you only want someone for the final stages of the planning process, doesn’t mean you should or need to wait. We have wedding management clients book us out 1 year prior to the wedding. This ensures a few things.

First, you are going to get a solid list of recommendations. Our vendor list comes from years of experience and building relationships. So you will have your hands on a list of some of the industries best. Second, you have us as a lifeline. If you run into a snag or bump in the road, I am an email away.

Having someone there with you on your wedding day is so incredibly important. They will help your vision come to life and ensure that they day goes off without a hitch. So do yourself a favor. You only get this day once. Make sure you are hiring a professional that has packages that serve you best. Make sure you are hiring someone who gets to know your event through more than spreadsheets and timelines. I promise, you will not regret it!


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