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5 Tips To Hiring Your Hair + Make Up Artist

Dec 27, 2016

Hello, Lovelies! Welcome to our guest blog sessions! I hope you had an amazing holiday weekend, full of love, family, and memory making! We are enjoying a short work week before our New Years weekend!

Today, I bring to you Maggie Love, hair and make-up artist, who has some amazing tips and tricks on hiring your wedding day hair and make up artist!

Hello, Beautiful Brides! My name is Maggie love, I am a licensed cosmetologist and self-taught airbrush makeup artist at Fusion Salon in Dixon Illinois. I am also the creative stylist behind Maggie Love Hair and Makeup. Today I am sharing some ‘real’ advice I have acquired over the last five years of doing 100+ bridal parties throughout Northwestern Illinois and beyond.

// Book in advance. I cannot stress this enough. As soon as you nail down a venue and date, book your hair and makeup. Most wedding vendors book a year in advance and your hair and makeup artist is no different.
// Know how many girls want hair and or makeup done on your wedding day. This will be the key to having a stress-free morning on your wedding day. There’s nothing worse than booking a stylist for your big day for three updos and three makeup applications, only to find out on the morning of that your other two bridesmaids now want their makeup done and your mom is now wanting her hair styled! Your stylist is only one person and given your timeline, can only do so much. Letting us know early how many people you want, allows us to bring in assistants and help!
// Know what kind of look you are going for… But be realistic. This goes not only for the bride¬†but the entire bridal party. In this day and age, Pinterest can be a blessing and a curse. When you come in with five strands of box dyed blonde hair and show us a picture of Kim Kardashian your expectations are a little overzealous. We are beauticians, not magicians. Know your hairs capabilities so we don’t feel like horrible people when we crush your #HairDreams.
// Schedule a trial… Or even two. Bring in pictures of your aesthetic, your dress, how you wear your hair and makeup on a daily basis, & how you want your hair and makeup to look the day of; these things give us an insight into what it is you like, dislike and what it is you want to look like on your big day. Bring your veil and wedding day jewelry to your trial so you can get a visual and take pictures after you try a few different looks so you can decide. Most stylists will tell you ‘straight up’ whether or not a certain hairstyle or makeup look will go with not only your dress and overall wedding aesthetic, but also your face shape & body type.
// This is a ‘friendly’ reminder to everyone who is NOT the bride on the wedding day- “it’s not your day” please please please remember this if nothing else! The bride has so much going on and just wants the day to be about them and their groom. Please just remember that when you are badgering the makeup artist about your lip liner not being the perfect shade of nude or when one tendril of hair is not perfectly symmetrical to the other, she has enough things to worry about and the stylist is there to make the bride the most beautiful version of herself that day, not to fix your eyeliner for the third time in 15 minutes. Don’t get me wrong we want to make everyone beautiful for the wedding however, the bride is the most important person that day!

Maggie can be reached at
or at Fusion Salon 815-288-7900

Thank you so much, Maggie, for being a part of our blog!


  1. Natasha Nischol

    March 27th, 2018 at 7:26 am

    If you are looking to hire a makeup artist for yourself but don’t know how to choose the best then this blog is for you in this blog they have very nicely explained and offered information.
    Thank you

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