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2019 Goals, Resolutions and My Words Of The Year.

Jan 11, 2019

Let me preface this by saying that “New Years Resolutions” are not my thing. I have always found it a bit cliche’. I never saw the deep significance of the change from 12/31 to 1/1. However, 2018 was a year that I can’t really say was my favorite. We worked with some of my favorite couples ever to date, most of which you will meet over the next few weeks on our blog. We traveled, we had our first full year of floral design which meant that I designed some of my favorite weddings to date. Outside of the business though, 2018 felt hard and long. I also didn’t love the person I was in 2018. I was tired, exhausted, and just bleh. So while this blog feels like “New Years Resolutions” I am actually going to make this more of a Life Resolutions…because I don’t want them just to start off the new year and the fizzle out. I want to make hard changes, and this meant giving my life as a whole a good, hard, long look.

A big buzz item around this time of year is the “Word Of The Year”. It varies person to person, but it always ties into their goals and resolutions. Personally this year, 1 word just wasn’t going to cut it. I have a heavy list of things I want to accomplish, change, and do and each category has a different word that heavily attaches to them.

Intention. Growth. Contentment.

01. Being more intentional with my time. Starting with less screen time. One day over Christmas Break my iPhone felt like alerting me to my screen time, and guys, it was embarrassing. Especially considering it was Christmas break with our family and I wasn’t working. Most of that time was spent mindlessly scrolling social media. I want to spend less time tied to my phone and more time in the present. Starting with leaving my phone. My sweet hubby purchased me a new apple watch for christmas, and it has been the best gift ever. It is tied to our cellphone plan, so I can be without my phone, but still be reachable for emergency situations. I can still glance at text messages and get calls, but I am limited on responses and have to be truly intentional on when I want to grab my phone. It has been a true lifesaver so far!

02. Being intentional with work and my family. This one is huge for me. So often as business owners we find ourselves working 24/7. Everything can revolve around work. You don’t want to miss a beat, not a single email, Instagram comment, Facebook message, etc. However, I will never forget when I spent time with Rhiannon Bosse for my 1-on-1 workshop and she noticed the email notifications going off on my phone and told me “those have got to go” So what did I do? I shut off my notifications for my email, and I could breathe. However, I still kept the app on my phone, which means that I am constantly checking the app. In 2019, the app is gone. I will check email during office hours from my computer. If anyone were to need anything important, they have my cell phone number and can get ahold of me in a heartbeat.

03. Creating a blogging and social strategy that serves my business well, while not taking over my life. I slacked big time in blogging in 2018. I also found I was posting on social media, just to post. Not because I had heartfelt content to offer, but because I felt the need to put something out there. Whatever it was. This year I want to be intentional, to serve our followers well. To educate couples and fellow wedding professionals. This will be a big focus of 2019.

04. Read More. Perhaps this should say Read. Period. When I was younger you would have to tear a book out of my hands. I remember in the 2nd grade, I read the first 4 Harry Potter books in 2 weeks. The 4th book actually being read in 1 day. I LOVED to read. Going on adventures in the pages of a book was simply my favorite. I also want to read physical books, and not digital copies. Call me a nerd, but there is something so special about holding a book and turning the pages. I also absolutely love to get lost in a good book store! I also hope to spread this habit on to my children. My son enjoy reading, but I want him to see it as something more than what it is. I hope by seeing mom curled up with a good book, my kids will follow suit. For Christmas this year we urged everyone to forego toys and invest in book store gift cards for the kids, and thankfully everyone did, which means we have months of books to buy!

05. Get Outside. I have always been a bit of an introvert and a homebody. I work hard at creating spaces within my home that I love. So much so that I don’t want to leave them. I want to start getting out of the house and adventuring with the kids. Whether that be a park, nightly walks, or weekend adventures, I want to spend time outside of our home with the ones we love most.

06. Do A Load Of Laundry A Day. Laundry is such a daunting task. We spent so much time together as a couple washing mountains of laundry, folding loads and loads of laundry for hours on end that then took us days to put away. I want it to be less of a chore and more of something that I can find joy in. I have started washing a load of laundry once the kids go to school, folding it and putting it away while they are at school. It may seem trivial to some, but it has been a major lifechanger for us.

In February of 2018, on my birthday to be exact, I looked in the mirror and strongly disliked the girl that I saw. I felt that I had let myself go. After having 2 kiddos, that are no longer babies, I never really bounced back, but in fact got worse. I didn’t care about what I ate, what I did, I just existed.

07. Exercise. Daily. This worked for me in 2018 for about 2 months. I worked out every day. With or without Sean. I purchased a Beachbody On Demand membership and started their newest program 80 Day Obsession. I felt SO good. Then we got into the process of moving back into our home 45 minutes away from where we were living at the time, and things just fell apart. I let excuses and situations get in the way. My husband knows that I am not happy with myself, both inside and out. So for Christmas he purchased a Peloton bike for me. I was incredibly intimidated by it. Not only by the cost of the stinkin’ thing, but by the fact that I hate cardio and avoid it at all costs. Nevertheless I hopped on the bike and did my first ride, and had. a. blast. I took my first ride with Peloton trainer Cody Rigsby, and he’s been my favorite ever since. It honestly never feels like a “workout”. It’s hard, but its SO fun. I have pushed myself to new limits, and don’t feel like any day is complete without fitting in a workout. In the future I want to also add in some other forms of exercise outside of the Peloton, but for now I want to take it slow and create habits, not just a fad.

08. Eat Healthier. I have never really focused on what I put in my body. Before babies, I could eat whatever I wanted and nothing changed. Well isn’t that funny now. If only we could all go back to the bodies that we thought “were fat” in high school, amiright?! I also now realize that the food that I eat directly affects how I feel throughout the day. I am so sluggish lately, tired, unenthused, and it needs to change in order for me to better serve my business, my family, and most importantly myself. “Diets” always seem to fail me because they aren’t something that can last longterm. Instead of sticking to a fad diet, I am going to just eat cleaner, make better choices, but still allow myself to indulge as I see fit. I want to change my lifestyle forever, not just for a few months. In doing this, I also track what I eat to know if I have room to indulge a little, and also make sure I am getting what my body needs.

I also have the dream to go back to Nassau, Bahamas, where my husband and I got married in 2015 and have visited three times since. However, in an effort to find Contentment in my life but also have goals, I want to book this vacation once I hit a weight loss milestone that I dream of. Fingers crossed for the end of 2019!

09. Find Contentment. This word. This is a big word for me. So often I feel that we seek contentment in things. In the gratification we get from online shopping (hellllloooo, late night Target online orders, I’m talking about you!) So often it seems that “things” fill a gap, when in reality they don’t, not at all, they do the opposite. This year I have decided to be very content with what we have, and be intentional with purchases we need to make. So much so that before Christmas Break ended, I went through our entire home and purged everything. What started with my closet, turned into me tearing apart our house. I got rid of so much clutter, things we don’t need or could serve someone else better. It was the most freeing thing I have done in awhile. Also, believe it or not, I did this before I was aware of the Marie Kondo special on Netflix. After watching that, I am now sure that I need to do it all over again.

10. Save for a 2020 Florida Trip. We have been to Florida 3 times as a family. Twice to Disney World and once just Sean, Dayton and myself to Universal Studios ((Bella was too small to truly enjoy that park)). We adore Disney as a family, it brings us such joy. I want to pack as much memory making into my children’s childhoods as I can. And while I know that some of the best memories happen in your own home, some of our most cherished memories have happened at the most magical place on earth.

11. Fill our 2019 Wedding Calendar. This is a very intentional goal for me this year. I hope to plan, design and execute 15 weddings for 2019. Locally or destination we want to fill our calendar with beautiful couples!

12. Publish 26 blog posts. This one, guys, this intimidates me, and I may need your help to achieve it. I want to publish regular content that is what my readers want to consume. I want to showcase the beautiful couples we get to work with, but I also want to provide you with inspirational and educational material. If you have things you want to read or learn about please please please leave it in the comments below!

13. Find a Calmer Peace in Parenthood. I find so often that I look at my children and realize that time is flying by. The days are long but the years are so short. I can not believe that my sweet little guy is going to be 9 this year….honestly where did the time go?! Wasn’t he just figuring out how to crawl yesterday? I want to focus this year most on finding a deeper, calmer peace in parenting my children that truly cultivates the life that I dream of. I realize that no parent is perfect, but I feel that it is something you constantly work on. This year I want to focus most on our family, and I can not wait to see how this unfolds!

14. Date My Husband. Sean and I are a pretty unique couple. We are super weird. We don’t hold anything back. We fight intensely. And I truly believe it is a part of our success in marriage. However, being the owners of 2 businesses, managing the schedules of 2 active children, and trying to maintain sanity, means we sometimes forget about our marriage. We are still happy as birds with french fries, but I want to set time out once or twice a month, just for us. Whether that be a date night out, or dinner and a movie in, I want to find time to focus on us.

15. Self Care. While this is the last goal I am posting, it is not any less important than any of the others. I frequently say “I may look like a hot mess but at least my kids look good!” and I laugh, but it’s not that funny. As mothers and wives we tend to focus all of our energy on everyone else, and leave ourselves in the past. I want to make sure this year that I am focusing on Self Care and love. With little things…. like more freshly showered hair and less dry shampoo. More cute jeans and leggings and less yoga pants ((even though since the Peloton moved into our house I pretty much live in cute new Yoga Pants..)) Taking the time each night to wash my face, maybe throw on a facemask, and just spend some time on myself. Doing my makeup everyday and doing something with my hair other than a messy bun. Lastly, I would like to try and get a massage and a facial every month. Perhaps even couples massages with Sean?!

All of that said, I want to know what your goals are! What do you want to attain and do? How can we hold each other accountable? Let me know in the comments below!

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