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2018 New Years Resolutions

Jan 5, 2018

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events

2018 New Years Resolutions

I’ve gotta be honest with you guys, I have never really set New Years Resolutions. I mean, I always have an idea of things I would like to accomplish in the new year, but after about February or March they tend to fade out of mind. This year I decided to do a few things different. First being this blog post. I figure that even if nobody reads it, I put “pen to paper” and will be able to look back on them throughout the year. Second, is that I am going to make them smaller more attainable goals that don’t seem so overwhelming. This way, I will actually tackle them and feel like taking on more and more as time goes on.

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events

Reading Books.

Does this seem silly? Guys when I was younger I was rarely found without a book in hand. I was the kid that had to be forced to go to bed, just to wind up sneaking a book and flashlight under the covers. Sometime after having kids and starting a business I just fell out of the rhythm of reading. In December we decided to read Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets with our son, and I loved reading a chapter or two every night. Since then we have started book 2, and I can’t wait to work through the series.

I also realized that 2 years ago I purchased a Kindle Paperwhite and haven’t ever touched it. So, I dusted it off and created a wish list of books to read. My goal is each month to read 1 business focused book and 1 for pleasure. For January I am tackling “You Are A Badass, How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living An Awesome Life”. So far, I haven’t been able to put it down! My for pleasure book of the month will be “Before I Fall” which I have to be honest, I bought it at the airport in August and haven’t touched it since. Not because it wasn’t good, but because I didn’t follow through. I can’t wait to pick it back up!

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events


I truly have nobody to blame but myself on this one, but the phone really needs to take a backseat. I, like most people, get sucked in to the scroll. Which I feel like often times leads to comparison and feeling inadequate. Time that could be spent working on my business, playing with my littles, reading a book, or investing in friendships is spent scrolling endlessly on Facebook and Instagram. This year I am promising the be less in my phone and more in the moment. It is so odd how our phones have almost become permanent attachments of our bodies. I’m going to start charging my phone in the kitchen, limiting my social time, and keeping my phone in the other room.

Weekly Scheduling of Social Media.

This kind of ties in to goal #2 of unplugging from my phone. I can’t tell you how often in 2017 I would stare blankly at my social feeds knowing I needed to post, but struggling to find the right image and caption. I carved time out earlier this week to schedule my social for the week, and I have to be honest it has saved my butt. Yesterday and today I have been out for the count with being sick and I didn’t have to worry about disappearing from social media. It was wonderful. I want to carve time out each week to do this so that I can spend less time worrying about something so small.

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events

Eating Better + Getting Healthy.

Business ownership, motherhood, and life have me in a constant loop of drive-thru’s, take out, and crappy meals. Guys, I feel it. I am always tired, sluggish, etc and I am so sick of it. Every year this seems to be a big goal for not only me, but for a lot of people, and it seems to be the first one to fail. So this year, instead of going all in at once, I am going to progressively make smaller changes. Water over soda…Salad over burgers…cooking at home over take out. Then we will work on tackling exercise. For now, I will just be working on making better choices!

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events


Remember how I said that the social scroll gets us all stuck in the nasty act of comparison? Well I am just so sick of it. For 2018 I want to focus on being more content with what we have, and work on de-cluttering our lives. Last year I took part in an amazing Facebook group focused on contentment in not buying things that you didn’t need (need. not want really bad). It was great and truly helped focus on the things we have and what is just fluff in our lives. I can’t wait to continue this next year.

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events

Working Outside Of My House 2 Days A Week.

There are days where I honestly can’t remember the last time I left the house. I mean truly left the house not just took my kids to school and picked them up. I also find that I am more productive when I change up my scenery, plug in my headphones and just work. Since moving that has been harder because I used to just work with friends. I found the sweetest coffee spot in town though, and I can’t wait to go get some work done there!

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events

Nurturing Friendships.

This is something that I have noticed I severely lack at. I focus a lot of time on kids, husbands, and business. It leaves little time for friends. That leaves time for loneliness though. This year I want to work on having friendships that are deeper than surface level here and there text messages, or the occasional chat in passing. I am ready to carve out time for dinner with friends, girls trips, and so much more!


So there you have it, My 2018 New Years goals and resolutions. They may seem simple or easy to conquer, but that is how I want them. I want them to be realistic and attainable. Without that, I tend to regress and go back to how things have always been! On that note, leave us a comment with your thoughts and 2018 goals! I can’t wait to hear them and help cheer you on!

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