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2017 | Our Year In Review

Dec 31, 2017

Ever After Planning | 2017 Year In Review

Can you believe that 2017 is coming to a close?! It is such a sad and exciting fact. Sad because 2017 was a year of such immense growth and change that it leaves me feeling grateful as I reflect. Which makes me equally as excited for 2018 to kick off because the plans I have, the events we will be executing, and the changes we will continue to make have me bursting at the seams. I am so happy I finally have some downtime to sit and reflect on the year and share it with you all {especially since I am cuddled on the couch watching the snow fall in my pajamas}. So without further ado, I bring you our year in review {rhyme unintended}!


Universal Studios

Winter is always such a different season in our house. My hubby’s business slows down due to cold and snow. Most of my weddings are wrapped up, yet I kick into engagement and booking season. So, it is always nice to take some much deserved “us” time. In January, we decided to surprise my son with an early birthday present. He came home from school and had a note to go to the mailbox, in there was a letter from Hogwarts and he was invited to go on a trip with just mom and dad to Hogwarts and Jurassic Park! We left that evening and spent a few days in Florida just the three of us. It was amazing and we got to fully “nerd” out!
Ever After Planning 2017 Year In Review

Industrial Garden Shoot

When we came back from Universal, I got to let my creative energy run as I coordinated a stylized photo shoot with some amazing creatives. You can see the original post here and you can also see it featured over on The Every Last Detail Blog! It was so incredible to create something different than what we were used to and truly kick 2017 wedding season off in style!

Ever After Planning 2017 Year In Review

Photo Credit | The Verdant Photographer

We also worked with a beautiful creative team that month to pull together a Valentine’s Day session full of so much fun and romance! You can check out the full feature and vendor list here.

Ever After Planning 2017 Year In Review

Photo Credit | Rachael Osborn Photography

P.S. Check out those gorgeous lashes and makeup look created by Sydney!

Las Vegas

In March all of my childhood dreams came true, as my hubby and I traveled to Las Vegas for the first time and I got to see the Backstreet Boys perform! I sang him every single word of every song, and had the time of my life! Oh and while we were there we made a stop at Gordon Ramsay Steak, and it was such a dream. We appreciate it even more now after becoming devout Kitchen Nightmares addicts!
Ever After Planning 2017 Year In Review

1960’s Inspired Shoot

When we got home it was back to work right away as I worked to create a 1960’s Inspired Photo Shoot. Paired with an amazing team of vendors in a few unexpected locations we pulled off a shoot that let us all stretch our creative muscles. The story line was beautiful and simple. A young couple who meets and moves in to their first apartment, has a courthouse wedding, and a sweet dinner and picnic at home! You can check out the full shoot here, but below is a quick sneak peak!

Ever After Planning 2017 Year In Review

Photo Credit | Rachael Osborn Photography


Lauren + Adam

Spring is where we got to kick off our wedding season, and there was no better way to kick it off than with Lauren + Adam’s wedding. For their wedding, we traveled to the sweet town of Raleigh, North Carolina. Let me tell you, it was so hard to leave. I loved everything about Raleigh, and I dream of someday moving there. Lauren + Adam’s wedding was absolutely beautiful and forever one of our favorites. Not only can you check it out here, but it was also featured on The Knot, so be sure to check it out there as well!

Ever After Planning 2017 Year In Review

Photo Credit | Blue Barn Photography

Mayra + David

We planned with Mayra and David from the very beginning, and working with them was such an incredible delight. They were the sweetest pair, and a great way to kick off May weddings! You can see the full wedding here!

Ever After Planning 2017 Year In Review

Photo Credit | Rachael Osborn Photography

Meghan + John

Meghan and John’s wedding was full of beautiful details, and man was it a party! Their ceremony took place at one of the most gorgeous churches we have ever laid our eyes on. The reception venue started out as a true blank slate and evolved into everything we had envisioned for them!

Ever After Planning 2017 Year In Review

Photo Credit | EllAdelle Photography


Summer kicked off full speed, and I’m not really sure it slowed down. The days all began to blend together, but in such a beautiful way. 2017 wedding season was much different from 2016 and it was amazing to see such growth and change. June was by far the most hectic month, but there seemed to be such a peace about it. Perhaps it was because we worked with such amazing couples, but regardless it was a beautiful beautiful way to spend our summer!

Caitlin + Alex

I feel like we worked with Caitlin and Alex for years, yet it flew by in the blink of an eye. It was like one minute I was sitting in my office chatting with them on the phone about our offerings and services and the next I knew I was running down the aisle with umbrellas as rain came down on their ceremony.
They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, but rain on your wedding ceremony has got to mean you are the luckiest couple alive.

Ever After Planning 2017 Year In Review

Photo Credit | Erica Pospeshil Photography

Jordyn + Scott

Jordyn + Scott’s wedding will forever go down as a top 2017 wedding. Working with the two of them and their families to plan their day was such an adventure {one of the greatest I have been a part of}. Every detail of this wedding was special, and it has so much thought put in to every single touch point of the day. From the cakes on each table, to the band that had everyone partying until the last minute, all the way to the late night snack of Chicken Nuggets, this wedding was definitely one of for the books!

Oh, and let’s all take a moment to swoon over Jordyn’s Hayley Paige gown! All the heart eyes!!

Ever After Planning 2017 Year In Review

Photo Credit | White Shutter

Danielle + Anthony

Photo Credit | Logan Clement Photography

After bringing Ciera on to our team, we were able to double up weddings on a few weekends, and the second weekend in June just so happened to be a full one! While I was with Jordyn + Scott, Ciera was off with Danielle and Anthony for a gorgeous backyard soiree full of heritage, tradition, and two families becoming one.

Hannah + Jordan

Hannah and Jordan came to us a bit late in the game, but I couldn’t be any happier that they joined our family of couples. From the very beginning I felt like I wasn’t only gaining a couple, but like I was almost gaining friends. I loved every second of getting to know them and help them cross the final T’s and dot the final I’s on their way to I do! Not only was their day completely stunning, but it was also featured on The Knot! You have to check it out on our blog as well!
Oh, and because it is probably the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen, I am sharing their video here for you to watch, Seriously, you have to watch it.

Ever After Planning 2017 Year In Review

Photo Credit | Lindsey Kay Photography

Paige + Peter

As much as we love traveling near and far for weddings, we also love being close to home. Especially when it means being at one of Rockford’s newest venues, The Standard. The Standard, which is industrial and gorgeous, paired perfect with Paige’s garden theme for decor. Throw in a rooftop ceremony, and a boat ride and you have one of the most perfect weddings!

Ever After Planning 2017 Year In Review

Photo Credit | Mindy Joy Photography

Colleen + Eric

We wrapped up summer with Colleen and Eric at the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago. This wedding was an absolute dream because it was at one of our bucket list venues! We also got to meet some amazing new vendors, and create lasting relationships with them! While the art center can seem rather industrial, Colleen and Eric softened things up thanks to working with Art Of Imagination and Flowers for Dreams!


Ever After Planning 2017 Year In Review

Photo Credit | BellowBlue Photography



After we celebrated with Colleen and Eric we got to *slightly* slow down. We only had 1 more wedding for the year after that, but it was full speed ahead with a large scale creative project, our daughter turning 4, refreshing our brand, and adding a very special new facet to our business.

Brand Refresh

The vision, direction and ideas I had for this business when I first started, were not the same as they are now. The events we have planned, the couples we have worked with, and the experiences we have been through have all shaped who we are today as a company. Changes were inevitable. That is why it was exciting to work diligently both behind the scenes, and with Ciara of Stem + Flourish to bring a new experience to our couples. The new logo put the cherry on top of the cake for sure!

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events

Bella’s 4th Birthday Party

I honestly can not ever thank Crystal of The Verdant Photographer enough for capturing these moments for me. If I have one piece of party planning advice, it would be to find someone to photograph it for you so you can live in the moment and not behind a phone or camera.

Bella is a princess through and through, so it was only fitting that she wanted to host a tea party with her very best friends.

Ever After Planning 2017 Year In Review

Photo Credit | The Verdant Photographer

Armour House Creative Project

Earlier in the year we were given the pleasure of meeting two amazing creatives, Ashley Higuchi of Higuchi Productions and Lindsey of Lindsey Kay Photography. I was immediately drawn to them not only as creative business owners, but as individuals. The idea for the Armour House project came to me earlier in the summer, and it was full steam ahead from there. I wanted to create something that was different from what we were seeing every day. That also reflected the direction we all wanted to go with our businesses.

A few vision boards later, a facebook group full of ideas, and a few too many packages from Anthropologie, and we had a shoot under way.
It truly speaks for itself, so I will let you check it out here, or view the video below! This shoot was also featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs blog!

Family Vacation to Disney World

In August we headed to Disney World for a week of adventure and fun. The kids got selected for Jedi Training at Hollywood Studios, and Bella was finally old enough for a trip to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! It was an amazing week! More tips to come soon on doing Disney!

Floral Design

I always knew that there was one more facet that I eventually wanted to add in to my business. As a wedding planner and designer, I wanted to be able to fully round off my designs. There was one way to do that…by adding floral design services. I knew if I ever did it, I wanted to do it right. So after years of research and meticulously learning from courses, I took the leap and went to meet the beautifully talented Rhiannon Bosse to kick off on the right foot. You can read more about the full workshop here, but for now enjoy these gorgeous blooms and if you need a florist for your upcoming event, please reach out!


Sean’s Birthday Weekend

December is a month full of celebration! We have both Christmas and Sean’s birthday. For Sean’s birthday this year we celebrated a bit different than usual. He thought we were on our way to Chicago to spend the weekend in the cold. Instead, At 1 AM he woke up and got surprised with a little weekend getaway to our favorite island, Nassau Bahamas. We were married in Nassau and there was no better way to celebrate a weekend than at the newest resort, Baha Mar. The blog will soon feature everything that Baha Mar had to offer, so stay tuned! Baha Mar is an excellent destination for a wedding and I have a full tour of the property coming soon!


While winter just truly began a few days ago, I have a new feeling of inspiration and content. 2018 has so many truly amazing things to offer. Ever After Planning is working with some amazing couples in the new year, and offering exciting new services. I am ready to walk in to 2018 hopeful, inspired, and excited. We will be kicking wedding season off in April, heading to some amazing places like Denver Colorado for a wedding, and focusing on making some amazing couples’ dreams come true.



From our family to yours, we wish you the sweetest new year!

Ever After Planning Weddings + Events | First Look



  1. Renee Dalo

    December 31st, 2017 at 8:21 pm

    I love all of this so much! What a fabulous year you had! Wishing you so much joy and success in 2018 and beyond!

  2. DeNeitra Burnett

    January 1st, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    So many beautiful celebrations! I love that you added floral design to your services – as a designer florals are such a big piece of the puzzle. Cheers to an even more successful 2018!

  3. Lindsay Bishop

    January 1st, 2018 at 6:48 pm

    Love reading all about your year! I can wait to see how you incorporate floral design in 2018!

  4. Gabrielle

    January 1st, 2018 at 7:33 pm

    WOW congrats on an amazing year Jordan! You must be so proud of everything you accomplished. I can’t believe you had time for 3 styled shoots on top of it all. It takes me a full year to get m energy back from doing 1 hahaha. Cheers to a great 2018!

  5. Rachel

    January 2nd, 2018 at 12:21 pm

    what an incredible, inspirational, beautiful year!! I’ve been working on my year in review post for what seems like forever so today I plan on finally getting mine nailed down! What a lovely thing to look back and reflect on. I think the most fun thing will be to look at last years post a year from now!

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